Monday, June 12, 2017

Catch up 2

We had more incredible rain and wind.  Although not as crazy as last time.  Leah was at school doing a service project, Cora was at fire practice (where they got a call to fight a fire during. that is some good response time) I honestly can't remember what Dave was doing.  
Which left Blake and I home when the power went out.  We read and talked until it got dark and then we lite some candles and played card games.  It was kinda a fun evening.
Cora and her team played hard, but not hard enough.  I still think it is cool that they can say they went to provincials.

Saturday morning we were scheduled to move cows.  I had spent Friday way up at the tournament and was a little sad that I was going to miss her last game and a little nervous as one of her teammates had been ambulanced off the field the night before.  So when Jared text Dave to see if we would be ok putting off moving cows till after lunch, I was all for it.  I quickly jumped in the car and made it just in time.  She was also glad, because she didn't want to miss the cows.  

We had a few stragglers that we had to push the entire time.  Amber had her family help as well,  They were all way ahead of us.  One calf was fairly new and would keep sitting down.  She would kick at us when we came close to try to get her up.  Poor thing was so tired.  We finally got her on a four wheeler and she rode to the field.  Another one was sure we were taking him away from his mom the entire time.  It took all of us to keep it going.  It was trying to turn around the whole time.  Finally 2 miles into our 3 mile journey it got past me and headed home at a dead run.  Dave jumped on a four wheeler and could barely catch it.  After many attempts he let it go home and we would get it later. 

We finally got the cows to the field and came back for the determined calf.  As we were trying to catch it, Jared got a call that we had a few others that had got through the fence and were trying to find their way home.  All gates were closed, so we left the one and went to rescue the ones on the road.  We were to go check the fence and see how many were out.  Dave had his loud truck.  Just as we were getting close to go by, Jared almost had one close enough to snag.  We didn't want to scare it off with noise so hung back.  But it was not a successful try.  Cora, Jared, Blake and Emry ended up walking it back to the summer field as I walked up to meet them.  After when we were driving home, we saw another WAY out in an open field.  Cora, Blake and I jumped out and try to steer this calf back to the road.  Two miles later of walking around in this field, back tracking and so tired, we walked it back also to the summer field and made sure it found it's mom.  At this point I had walked 10 Km.  We were so tired, had blistered feet and were hungry.  We meet Jared on the road (he had captured on more) and informed us that the one at home was missing.  So tired.  So we started driving around, and around, and around.  For hours.  We stopped for a bathroom and quick dinner break, meet back with Jared to see what he had checked and seen.  Put messages up on FB and prayed like crazy as it started to rain.  Eventually it got to dark and stormy to see much.  The next morning first thing I looked out our window and there in the field was that beautiful little calf.  It had found it's way home.  Answered prayers.

Yesterday was Cora's seminary Grad.  Four years of early morning seminary are complete.

It was a nice short program.  Cora gave and excellent talk.  We were so very, very proud of her. She was also the only one in the stake with 100% attendance. She was asked to speak for 10 mins on her personal experience of acquiring spiritual knowledge.  After the meeting, the regional seminary leader asked if he could take her talk and make copies.  He told her that her talk was exactly what the goal of seminary was and that is was excellent. How cool is that.

Cora and Tyson have been good friends since Sunbeams.  Both spoke and graduated last night.

Cora is sad that rugby is over.  She has really enjoyed the game this year.  Especially not being injured.  She is really growing up and I love who she is becoming.


  1. Beautiful pictures of Cora! I love her dress. The best thing about her is she is just as beautiful on the inside.

  2. I agree with Lalainia, Cora is beautiful inside and out!!! She is a great example for my kids to look up to! I can't wait to see her at her high school grad!!! Such a special year for her!!!