Monday, June 12, 2017

Catch up 1

I thought things would slow down after basketball, but I was mistaken.  I have had a hard time finding the time to blog.  Blake is loving soccer.  After 2 years of trying baseball, he decided to go back to soccer this year.  He wanted to play keeper.  At first this made me nervous, I felt a lot of pressure for him to do well, but he does do well.  Quite good actually.  
He can really kick far also.  He even made a goal one time.  He kicked it out of his net and it went into the net across the field.  I was not at that game, but Dave said it was a fabulous winning goal.

A few weeks back we had our Stake YW Recognition Night. Leah is almost done her Personal Progress.  Now all she has to do is finish the Book of Mormon.  Her goal is to be done by the end of summer. 

Most of my YW from my ward plus my upcoming beehive.

It was a year ago this event that these 4 started the great friendship that they have.  It has been a wonderful year and I am so glad they found each other.

Emily and Leah wanted to stand in the exact spot where they were introduced last year.  (photo credits to Natalie Toone)

Monday Cora's team played and place 2nd in zones.  Which sent them on to provincials.

Blake had his county track meet.  He placed in all the events but one.  Mostly 4th and 5th, but some 2nds as well.

He had a fun day no matter what.  And it was much better weather than Leah's track meet.

This friend of his is moving at the end of the school year.  They have had some fun adventures together.

He can jump pretty high. I have enjoyed watching him and spending time with him this spring.  Basketball was crazy and more focused on the girls.  Spring is generally Blake's season of attention.  So it all balances out.

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  1. That's great Blake is enjoying soccer. He is still Cadence's favorite - she told me so just the other day.