Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Another Catch up

For Leah, basketball is done for the year.  She has been attending some high school practices to get ready for next year.  A few weeks ago Leah had her final tournament and Cora had her home tournament.  I didn't get to see any of Leah's final games, but heard she did well.

On the Saturday, Dave took Leah to her game and Cora and I went to hers.  They had both lost the night before and had very early games.  We all left the house at 6:30 in the morning.

Cora has been trying a few hairstyles now that her hair is growing out more.  And she got me a rose for Valentine's Day.

I enjoy getting flowers and never do.  Cora has been trying to get me some for awhile now.  It was a beautiful rose.

Last weekend was another tournament.  The team is kinda done for the season and we have had some issues.  But Cora is still giving it her all.  She is very fast and gets great break aways.  And she can jump like crazy.  Two of the teams we played had girls almost 6 feet tall.  Cora out rebounded them every time.  It is fun to watch.  After the last game last weekend, her coach took her aside and complimented her on her drive and sticking with it.  Said she played so good, he was very proud of her.  It was nice that what she does finally got noticed. 

Cora is the blue #14. Sunday was a quite, peaceful day.  We had water in the moat around our house that had frozen.  Dave decided that we should all go for a walk and slide on it.

Turned out it was very thin.  Mostly slush.  But we had fun anyways.

It was also deeper than we thought.  We all ended up with wet socks, Blake was pouring water out of his boots.

At one point Blake got stuck and Dave had to pull him out. Honestly I was a little disappointed that his boot did not stay in the mud.  It seems that is should be some sort of right of passage of growing up to get stuck in the mud, have your Dad pull you out, and leave your boot behind.

Cora also got an email this week saying that for the Firefighters Stair Climb Challenge, that she has been fundraising for and so excited about, she can not participate in.  She has to be 18.  She is so very very disappointed.  She can run into burning buildings, attend car crashes, but not climb stairs.  We have a week off this week and it so far has been great and relaxing.  A needed rest.


  1. Thats so crazy she can't run stairs but can do everything else! Ridiculous!

  2. I'm disappointed for Cora. She would have done an awesome job climbing those stairs. Don't understand what the reasoning could be. Grandma P

  3. So sad Cora can't participate!! Looks like you had a great time walking around in the puddles. I used to do that all the time and I actually did lose a boot once!!

  4. Glade to hear that Cora got some recognition. Beautiful rose I wish they smelt like they did when I was really young. The moat is awesome. We have a sort of swamp just down from our house and it smells. I hope yours doesn't smell.