Monday, February 27, 2017

Reading Week

Monday was Family Day, so Dave had the day off work.  He decided to take the kids skiing.  Leah didn't feel like going.  She sat in the Lodge with me.  Although I was sad she didn't go, it was nice to have company. Dave took Blake and Cora to the top and they skied there all day.  Dave said it was so fun to have his kids up there with him.

Tuesday Leah had an eye appointment to see how her contacts are doing.  All is well and we purchased a supply for her.  Cora and Leah did a bit of shopping.  I was hoping to get some snow pants on sale for Blake, but didn't find any.  We got groceries and came home.
Wednesday Blake had a friend over.  He has got some good friends and it was nice to see them hang out.  Cora dropped off a few more resumes, I hope she gets some good leads soon.  We watched some good classics over the break.   Hello Dolly, Singing In the Rain, and My Fair Lady.  Cora still has on her list to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sabrina, and Roman Holiday.  I guess we will wait until the next school break for those.
Thursday we cleaned, did art, laundry, some baking, watched a movie, and played games.  Then Cora had fire department in the evening.
Friday we headed to the temple for the girls to do baptisms.  Blake and I went to the book store to look for his scriptures while the girls were at the temple.  Even though his birthday is not until August, I was glad we had looked.  I was told that everything is going up 30% end of March.  So we ordered the ones he wants.  That night Leah had a party and I went to a movie with my in-laws.  Movie was better than I had expected and when I went to pay I found out I had enough points for a free movie.  Bonus!!
Saturday Dave wanted to get one more ski in.  He let the kids sleep in a little, then we got packed up and headed out.  It was another great day for skiing.  They had gotten more snow and the top was really thick powder.

Leah skied until about 2 then she was done.  Dave was only able to get one picture of her, riding the lift with Cora.

Dave said he thinks that Cora and Blake advanced about 3 years in the two days we went.

They did some tough runs with no problems at all.  Blake had one fall and he got right up and kept going.

Dave was one proud dad with his kids skiing up there with him. On the way home, Dave got a craving for Pizza Hut.  We drove past our highway turn and on into town.  When we got to town, an hour out of our way for pizza, we discovered that is was closed for renovations.  We ended up going to Five Guys instead.  On the way up the road to Five Guys we passed the Movie Mill.  Dave saw a sign for Moana and joked that we should just keep going with our day and see it as well.  Turned out that after we ate, the movie started 15 mins later.  So we went.  Leah had seen it the night before at the party, but didn't mind going again.  It's a cute show.  It was a very long, fun, family filled day.  One we haven't had for months.  It was the perfect end to our Reading Week.

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  1. sounds like a great holiday. Some of my favourite movies. I Love when kids love the classics :)