Sunday, August 7, 2016


Last week we took Cora to EFY in Idaho.  We went out to my parents house the night before we left.  My mom kindly said she would go with me since she had been to Rexburg before and could help me find my way down and around.  I really enjoyed this time with her.  We talked about a lot of things and it was great to talk and listen with her for all those hours.  I really appreciated her help and she even put up with my kids all the way and the scary hotel I had booked for the first night.  One the way down my mom found this sign.  Cora really appreciated it.

We made it to St. Anthony's and found our hotel.  I was a little nervous.  It was a sketchy place.  And not to clean.  In the end all we could do was laugh.  My mom was laughing so hard she couldn't even talk.  We had not slept much and she woke up at 5:30 laughing at Leah.  Really a wacky place.  We got to Rexburg the next day, checked Cora in and then grabbed a quick lunch.  She had been wanting KFC for a few months, so I had decided to take her and surprise her.  Every one had kept it a secret, then I accidentally ruined it right before we went.  Then back to drop her off for the week.

After we started the drive over to my sister's in Boise.  My mom had been wanting to stop at Manwaring cheese.  My grandma Southam, my mom's mom was a Manwaring and related to the person that makes this.  We found that and tested lots of cheeses.  It was a cool little spot and many delicious cheeses.  Next made a stop at Reed's Dairy which did not disappoint.  We could see and smell the milk cows behind the building.

We got to Kita's that night and she had a wonderful meal waiting for us.  We spent the week totally just relaxing.  The kids rode bikes to go swimming a few days and played games.  Kita made my favorite taco's and we had lots of fruit.  Leftovers or whatever.  No fuss.  One day we went to the rope swing and took a picnic.

In the afternoon and evening there was people that would just show up and hang out.  One night turned into a spa night.

We attended her enrichment night.  It was a neat idea, something I think I might try for YW's .  Kita took me to Trader Joe's so I could see what all the talk was.  Neat store.  We went to see the new Meridian temple.  It looks a lot like Cardston and when it is dedicated next year will be my sisters temple.

Friday it was time to head back.  We stayed in Idaho Falls this time and had to hit Reed's Dairy again.

It was a better hotel this time.  We watched some of the open ceremonies for the Olympic and went to sleep.  Up very early the next morning.  We picked up Cora just before 7.  She had sooooo much fun.  We headed straight to the Rexburg temple to to baptisms then started home.  

After baptisms I said to Cora she had 8 hours to tell us all about EFY.  I was kinda kidding.  4 hours later she started to wind down, but only because she thought we were getting bored. ( EFY will be the next post so you can read about it then.)   On the way home I was trying to figure out what to have for Sunday dinner.  I figured Dave would be out of food and I couldn't go grocery shopping.  I was seriously thinking we might just have pancakes.  Dave said having no one home sucked.  It was really quiet and lonely.  But he does get lots done with out us around.  He had done a big shop and stocked up our pantry and deep freeze.  It was wonderful. So I had options for dinner today. He got all the doorsdone, except closets because the are the wrong size and he has to fix them. That is not going to 
be a nice job. He got my dresser sink done.
And this morning when I went to grab a spoon to make Jell-O  I had this wonderful surprise waiting for me.  I thought this drawer organization would be years down the road.  It is better than I had planned and I love it.

Lots of driving, but we made it.  Stay tuned for Cora's EFY.  :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip!!! And so nice to come home to a stocked pantry, what a great husband you have!!!!

  2. aren't handy husbands the best. I love the dresser sink!