Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Especially For Youth

Especially For Youth is a week long camp that our church provides. It is an amazing spiritual experience for youth 14-18 years old.  There are not a lot of members in our area and it was wonderful for me to see how happy and excited Cora was when we picked her up.  And amazing for her to be surrounded by so many with the same standards and values.  Cora has talked to us for literally hours.  I can not possible express to you all that she experienced, so you get a whole lot of pictures and some of my favorite stories.

Everyone at EFY is given a T-shirt, bag, and book for notes.  Each day was started with a morningside and ended with a fireside.

They had four classes a day they would attend.  They would choose which classes they wanted to hear.

She loved everyone she attended.  Some of her favorite were Bro. Russell Wilcox, Sister Shupe, and Bro. Clint Ude.  Thursday was their 'church day'.  They wore church clothes all day and had a testimony meeting in the evening.

In one class they had everyone raise their hand.  The speaker started with with more than 500 members in your high school put down your hand.  He then went down and down, 400,300, till he was at 100. Around 150 most people had their hands down.  When he got to 80 a guy behind Cora mentioned he was surprised she was till up.  She told him to 'just wait for it'.  When they finally got to 3 there was only Cora and one other with hands still in the air.  She was amazed.  Cora didn't realize how many people have a great number of members in their school and how she really is standing alone.

She was also required to do a personal study each day.  Cora decided to study Joseph's first vision.  I liked her insight.  She talked about how Joseph was overcome with darkness before Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father appeared to him.  How Joseph had to push through that darkness.  Cora said that sometimes we don't feel like reading our scriptures or going to an activity, or even studying for a test and how that is our personal darkness that we need to push through to the light.

Sounds like she had a really fun group of guys in her company.  They had tons of fun together.

She got lots of girls and guys numbers and Instagram to keep in contact.  

Above is Becky, she loved everyone in her company and made lots of great memories, but Becky she seemed to bond the most with.

Cora joined the music club and tried out for a solo.  I was surprised when she told me that.  She said her confidence and testimony have definitely grown last week.

Each time the company went anywhere the boys escorted the girls.  On one escort she was trying to think of what to say to the guy. (this guy is not shown) She asked him if he played any sports.  He said yes, jiu jitsu.  Cora mentioned that she didn't know anything about that and he processed to give her an entire history of the sport.  Cora says she now know everything about it.  :)

One of them decided to lay on the ground... others then joined and started dabbing. Who know why.
 After the boy got their pictures it was the girls' turn. The leaders were trying to get pictures of the girls when the boys decided it would be cool to make this pose behind the photographers. Crazy boys.

These two pictures are among of my favorites.

I have been trying to write this post for an hour.  Cora has added some in here and there.  I honestly can not convey to you how wonderful this was for her.  The stories need to come from her so you can see it.  I just don't do it justice.  It was a fabulous experience and so worth the money and time.  I hope she can keep all she felt for a long time to come.


  1. Such a wonderful experience for her! I'm so glad she was able to go and be with a good group of kids who share her faith!!! She's such a great girl, we love her to bits!!!!

  2. So glad she could go to EFY and I’m so grateful that she had a good time!! Seeing her first thing when she got home made my heart happy. I love you Cora!!

  3. And holy dang youre gorgeous!!

  4. Such a rich experience for her. Looks like you are doing an awesome job raising that girl Char and Davey. She will never forget EFY.

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  6. Going to EFY in my youth was definitely a highlight. Im so glad she had a great time. Lots of pictures with cute boys!! Love her and your whole family.

  7. man i'm so glad she got to go!!! one of the best experiences! i'm still great friends with people i met at efy when i was 16