Saturday, July 30, 2016

Day to Day...

Just a few things that have been happening in our life lately.  Dave told the kids he would give them 5 cents for every rock they picked out of our yard that was bigger than their fist.  He thought it would be maybe $10 for them to divide and a couple hours work.  Seven hours and $55 later they were done.  He was quite surprised.

Dave has been wanting to take Blake on backpacking trips and has slowly been building up our supplies.  His last purchase was good sleeping bags.  Blake and Cora tried them out.  But you can't really tell it is them.

We need a temporary mantle for inspection.  Cora has been decorating it for us.  Isn't it lovely and classy. :)

Last week Leah offered to do the dishes for us all by herself.  She was doing a fantastic job, but in the end I felt bad, since dishes is always more fun with a friend so I got up and helped.  I really did try to stay and read for a while.

We had a gorgeous Sunday evening.  So we enjoyed sun-downers.  I had some sparkling apple/pomegranate juice I had forgotten about.

Then Dave decided to sleep on the front porch with kids.  Beautiful night.

This past week we went out on the porch, we seem to spend a lot of time there.  It is shaded and not many bugs this year.  When it is raining it is so cool to sit and watch it all come down.  We read out there or visit.  Anyways the other night there was an amazing full double rainbow.  We tried many angles and cameras to get the whole thing in, but failed.

Dave and I have been taking our turns to do some baling.  I am gone again so and wanted to leave feeling I had done my part.

We both got awesome ear plugs.  You can't see Dave's but I always feel like mine stick out like Shrek's ears.

One night we got stopped by a storm.  The clouds were beautiful, even if it did shut us down.

Last night the kids brought us down dinner.  I called Cora to see if she could bring ice as well and asked if they were going to picnic with us.  She was a little disappointed but said yes.  When she arrived with the food she had individual pizzas and lemonade for us.  She explained that she was trying to make a surprise and bring us a date dinner for just us two and when I called I ruined it.  I love that she is so thoughtful.

We did have a great time with them all however and enjoyed our dinner.

That is us the last little while.  We spent Thursday making cookies, bread, buns, muffins, and cinnamon rolls for Dave.  Also we have made a bunch of meals for him.  So I think that is it.  Oh the pool is finally open and we have been in twice to enjoy that this week as well.  I really missed the pool as it was getting renovated and glad it is up and running again.


  1. You've been rather busy!!!! But a good busy!!! Enjoy your week away!

  2. Love all your adventures Char. Your picking up rocks, that is exactly what my mom would have us do on the farm too, but we only got a penny a rock. Your kids are sure treasures for you. Kind and considerate. Love your sundowner tradition.

  3. Fun, busy summer. Glad you are having a great time as a family. Excited to spend some time with all of you at the reunion.