Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Puzey Reunion

Last week was our Puzey Reunion.  Sadly I did not get many pictures.  We had a good time.  Dave wasn't able to be there for some of it, but everyone else came.  I had dinner for those coming in Wednesday night.  I didn't want those travelling in to have to worry about cooking.  Thursday was rainy all day.  They kids played games and we hung out in the house where it was dry.  Friday was a little nicer.  Cora took all old enough to the temple for baptisms and milkshakes.  They later meet us at the pool.

Good job taking those pictures girls.  :)

Blake and Dave racing.

Hanging out in the sun.  Poor Myrna broke her knee and is in a wheel chair.  I love this picture of her trying to help out.

Saturday the kids painted some treasure boxes Grandma had bought.  We packed a lunch and went to the beach.

Cora loves to water ski.  She is so good at it also.  Her arm strength from gymnastics is amazing and she can stay up forever.

Blake dug a big hole.  Cadence got right in and played with him.  This is another favorite picture of mine.

After the beach we had Jason's famous ribs and steak.  It was all so good.  The kids decorated their boxes, made kites, and had a silly string war.  To end it all we had a special program.  Myrna told some stories from our family history and some talents were displayed.  
During the week, Dave, Cora, Amber and I were all working on talks.  Amber was speaking here in our ward and we were going on assignment with Dave.  Myrna, Rachel, and Lalainia practiced singing the song that they were performing in our ward also.  So that was all kinda fun.  We came home after the program to put the finishing touches on our talks and get to bed early.  We left at 6 the next morning.  It was another fun get together.  Poor Myrna with her knee and Armin not feeling well and had a couple trips to the emergency room.  But we made, built some memories and cousins got to be together.  Hopefully all will be well for next year.


  1. It was fun despite the emergency room visits!!!! Emrys highlight was definitely the temple!!

  2. Was great to get together. My kids LOVE being with their cousins.