Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Getting into Summer

Now that camp is over we have been getting into summer. I took the kids to the library and they got a big stack of books.  Dave has a list of chores for the kids to do around the farm.  First chore they have started to tackle is to pick up all the rocks in our yard.  They are about half done and have way more rocks than Dave thought there would be.

I have been busy stocking up our deep freeze with muffins, cookies, and bread.  

Dave is also having Cora help him in the evening.  He is in a big push to get the final inspection done.  The other night they hung our bathroom doors.  It is taking some getting use to, they sorta seem in the way after all these months. 

We have finally had some nice rains.  It is fun to sit on our front porch and watch it come down.

Last Saturday we finally got a few things done that where overdue.  We got our trampoline set back up.  After a few minutes of jumping I asked Cora how it felt to be on again.  She said it was so great!!

The kids have been out jumping a lot.  Even in the rain.  They will come back in soaked and smiling. 
 We got our BBQ and picnic bench.  We also finally got to the dump.  I have discovered that Leah will do any chore if she can drive.  She volunteers to feed the calf every night, drove to the dump, and will drive Dave back and forth to do water or whatever.   She always wants to drive.  And loves it.  That night after a little rain, Dave was trying to get our driveway smoother.  He was in such a hurry last fall to do it.  He needed some extra weight on the back to push the blade in farther.  Extra weight I certainly have so on I hopped.  Safety first around here.  

Last night after checking water and cows, when Dave and I got back, Leah had already feed the calf and they were all jumping on the tramp.  They were playing a game.  We stayed to watch them for a few minutes.  Dave ended up building a fire.  Leah had her music strung out there and they all danced and roasted marshmallows.  It was a rare relaxing evening and was wonderful.


  1. Sounds like a great start to summer!

  2. Always feels great to get things done around the house. Glad you finally got some rain. We've been getting more than our share.