Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back to School

It is that time again.  Time to start another school year.  There where a few different things that I had seen on Pinterest that I thought would be neat to do.  Also growing up my mom gave lots of parties for us with Mystery Dinners.  My friends and I always loved them and I have done several for the girls for parties also.  So that is what we started with last night.

I came up with a simple menu and names for the items.  Everyone then filled out their choice of selections.

It was fun.  I quickly filled the plates behind a sheet set up.  There was eating coleslaw with just a knife and some courses with just pickles and apples.

After all three courses we had FHE.  I talked about how for dinner they made choices not knowing what the outcome would be, but we can make choices on our behavior and habits that we do know the outcome.  We talked about being kind, honest, an example, getting lots of sleep, being honest, studying, working hard, etc.

Dave then gave them back to school blessings.  Beautiful blessings again.  I am so grateful for the priesthood on our lives.  I am so glad my husband is worthy and can do this for our children.  Last for FHE treat was our Rolo pencils.  I think it went well.

 I was pleasantly surprised how good the kids jumped up and got ready for school.  I fully anticipated it would be a struggle this morning.  Blake, who fights a shower every time, was in the shower before Cora got on the bus.  Leah was happy and every one had a great breakfast.  Lunches all packed.  My least favorite part of school.  Most requested this year for lunches:  From Blake, pickles and cheese cubes.  From the girls, coleslaw.  Guess I will be stocking up on those.  I also bought those little plastic containers with lids for dips and sauces.  We have used several already.

Can you believe it?  Grade 11!   She is growing to fast, my happy, helpful, beautiful girl.

All ready for the bus, and so glad she has one week until seminary starts.  Oh how we wish for release time. 

Curling the hair.

The only kid that didn't even think about what to wear till out of the shower this morning.  Such a boy.  Grade 5.  My fun-loving, out-going, tease of a boy.

So tall.  Grade 8.  My crazy, funny, beautiful girl.
Good luck to all of you this year.  I wish them all lots of fun, good friend, grades that make them happy, and the spirit to always help and guide them.  I sure love all these kids.  Here we go school year 2015/2016.  Bring it on!!


  1. Fun meal and FHE before back to school. It was great to be a part of the evening. Can't believe they are growing up so fast. Cora in grade 11! WHAT?

  2. What a fun idea for family home evening, and back to school. Looks like your summer was very productive. Your kidos are getting so big.