Friday, September 18, 2015

Fun and Games

Some going ons around here lately.  It was hot one day and Cora needed a drink.

We did get one last ski in for Cora.  Blake, Cora, and I went tubing as well.  But...

...this is how Leah and Blake spent most of the time.  Just snacking.

Love the sun behind her in this picture.

Cora said she has her own little island.

We had a really fun activity last Tuesday.  We where planning with the youth the week before and this idea just kinda came together from all of us.  I put 4 items in a brown paper bag.  There was four sacks.  They divided into groups and picked a sack.  Sis Ellis then had a great dress-up box.  From the box and the mystery bag they had to make a 5 minute skit.

Sis Fyfe recorded them, then we all got to watch. It was so fun.  The kids really had a great time.  And the skits where good.

This past week was the Terry Fox Run for the junior high and elementary.  Leah and her friends have a great time together.  I think Cora's is next week.

Blake coming in for a drink.  Sorry about my nice finger in the shot.

Leah and Tayler 'running' oh so fast.

A beautiful sunrise.  Blake woke up one morning a few weeks ago and took this picture.

Myrna and I have been saving egg shells for Blake.  This was one of the ideas from my Pinterest board.  Ever day he would count the eggs and see if he thought we had enough yet.

We had cleaned the eggs as we kept them.  Then we filled with paint and threw them at a canvas.

Nice faces kids!!:)

It was fun.  The kids loved it.  I think I may actually keep it.  I have an idea where it might go.  You will have to look around my house and see where I put it.  ;)

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  1. Yes, lots of fun and games!!!! I love the egg shell picture!!!!