Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Bunch of Stuff

Blake has been saving his money this summer for a fishing rod.  He was very excited to finally get it.  When he proudly showed Dave, Dave said that Grandpa Puzey had a ton of fishing stuff.  Together they looked through the spoons, lures, and hooks.  Blake has been reading all about how to unhook a fish, to cut it open, take the bones out, etc.  Last week Dave sent me a text saying he was taking Blake fishing  right after school, so could I pack him a picnic dinner.  But it was a surprise so don't tell him.

Borrowed backpack from Leah.  His was to small, just in case you are all wondering about the pink. :)

Blake was certainly surprised and ecstatic.  He got to go fishing with his dad and a bike ride to get there.  It was a three in one deal for him and he could barely contain himself.

They spent hours fishing at the lake.  He didn't catch anything and was disappointed about that.  He had a good time tho.  There was a nice man there that was fishing also and gave him some pointers, minnows, and lures to keep.  He was helpful.  Blake can't wait to go again.

The week before school I took Leah to watch her friends riding show.

The siding is done on our house.

Leah's band teacher had her take the piccolo home for the summer to learn.  She has been faithfully practicing.  When school started the teacher said great job, she was to be 1st piccolo player and second flute.  (I am pretty sure she is the only piccolo player :))  The piccolo is so tiny it's cute. So she now plays flute, piano, piccolo, and ukulele.  Loves them all.

Cora does not like this dress at all.  I love it.  (For the record she liked it when she tried it on in the store.  Glad I payed all that money for it.)  She says she feels like she is going to a funeral in the 1800's.  Last Sunday she decided to wear it. That made me happy since it had been a while, then I saw the socks.  She was silently protesting with Dr. Who socks under her boots.  Cora is also cold at night, but refuses to put on her extra blanket.  She said it was admitting that she couldn't go water skiing again this year if it was cold enough for a blanket.  Just shake your head.

It has been way to long since we have heard Dave play the guitar.  Both Cora and Blake have been wanting to play.  Cora has been taught a few songs over the years, but none of us have stuck with it enough for her to really do it.  Most of our guitar stuff is packed.  We had to borrow a cord from Jared and Dave has no music here.  That is how long it's been.

Last night he taught them the simple 'Tom Dooley' again.  After a few tries Blake played Mario Kart with Leah.  Cora stuck with it for an hour.

We have a simplified hymn book that she was playing out of and learned two already.

Cora was loving it.  I hope she keeps it up this time.


  1. So nice to hear Davey play, He and his dad used to play together. YOUR house is HUGE. Oh my goodness, how lucky are you. Now that the siding is on, any chance you can change your mind and come to the reunion on Sat.? Would be so nice to see you.
    Love, Aunt Sheila

  2. Your house is looking beautiful. I love the color:)

  3. Great post! Tell Cora to go online for guitar tutorials - there are tons, when her dad is too busy to help her. Fun father/son time for Blake - love that! I love the piccolo too, so tiny!

  4. I like the mix posts. I can't say enough how cool that is that Dave thought of that cool outing with his son. Very thoughtful. Contracts to Leah. I like the dress looks cute on Cora. I didn't know that Dave played that is cool. Thanks for sharing once again.