Monday, July 20, 2015

Mud Football

Last week I took my Mia Maids to the stake activity.  There are just two in our ward.  Cora and her friend Amy.  It was a perfect evening for it.  Pulled pork and chips before hand, hot chocolate and s'mores after.

After they played Red Rover.

And had a pyramid competition.

Fun times.

After they all jumped in the creek to clean off.

A few weeks ago, Blake was looking through my Boredom Away board on Pinterest.  He settled on making this rock candy.  He has had it setting out for two weeks.  Blake has enjoyed watching them grow.

He did cinnamon and root beer.

Blake said it was good, but really sugary :)

My girls and their bracelets.  When I was growing up I collected CTR rings.  Guess now it's bracelets.

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  1. That was sure a messy activity - how did you get them home?