Wednesday, July 8, 2015

1st of July

This year our Canada Day was very different.  For the first time in my life I did not go to my parents for the parade and pit roast.  We had just gotten home the night before and I didn't want to get up early the next morning and pack stuff out again.  Dave was not sure I wouldn't change my mind.  He says that he learned early on that that is what he will be doing for the first for the rest of his life.  But we stayed.  We ended up helping to move the bulls in with the cows.  We only moved one (the lighter one on the left) of these bulls, I have no idea when Dave took this pictures, but I thought I should include at least one picture in this post. 
When we were done that we had a big breakfast.  I had made sure I got bacon for Dave for Canada Day.  We quickly tidied up and folded the laundry from the night before.  Then the kids started mowing.  We mowed almost everything.  It took hours and hours.  I ended up finishing part of if for them so they could go swimming.  I dropped them at the pool, then came back.  My mom had called the night before and asked if she could come see the house.  Of course!  She even brought the picnic to us.  I grabbed the kids from the pool and got home just behind my parents.  They toured the house and we sat out on my porch to eat.  Mom had brought everything.  Including dessert and paper plates.  I told her I definitely got the best deal.  I still got the pit roast and salads, but didn't have to travel. :)  After they left I finished the mowing and the kids watched a movie.  It was quiet and fun and perfect.

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  1. Happy Canada Day. Sounds like it was productive. I want to see all the ground you mowed. If it took hours must be a lot a lot. Very sweet of your parents to bring it to you.