Monday, November 11, 2013


Myrna wanted us all to celebrate her birthday in Edmonton again this year.  We had not been up for 4 years and decided it was time.  We had enough Airmiles saved that we were able to get 2 nights in a hotel, Water Park, and Galaxyland tickets.  This was great and saved us lots.  We headed out Thursday.  We had a late start since our car had died Tuesday and was just sitting in Carmangay.  Dave picked it up that morning then we headed to Champion to open a mail box then continued on our way.  We picnicked in the car and arrived about 4ish. After unloading all our things we headed to the mall.  Our poor deprived children where the most fascinated by the escalators. They just rode up and down and up and down.  In Target they also had an escalator for your carts.  Blake thought this was amazing and again just sent them up and down.  Lalainia had made reservations at Old Spaghetti Factory for everyone to celebrate Myrna's birthday (which was Sunday) It was very tasty and Leah once again managed to eat an unbelievable amount of spaghetti.  The next morning we ate breakfast, headed to the mall, did a little shopping, and spent the rest of the day at the Water Park.
Everyone had a great time.  The dads went on some scary rides.  You would stand in the top and it would count down, then the bottom would drop out.  Dave really enjoyed these.  Blake found a slide that you rode on a little board.  You went straight down then bounced across the water.  It ended up being his favorite slide.  Leah rode some slides the first part of the day, then spent most of the rest of it in the wave pool.

When we arrived at the Water Park, I slide for a bit then got out the camera.  It was blinking at me.  I totally forgot the charger. So thank you to Rachel for all the pictures from Galaxyland.  There was a new Zipline that went all across the Water Park.  Myrna really wanted Cora to go with her so we ended up getting her a ticket.
She was a little nervous, but ended up loving it.  I would really would have liked to try it but was trying to make the trip as cheap as possible.  We pack a lunch as often as we could instead of eating out and chose only a few activities.  Anyways after 9 hours at the park it was time to go.  My crazy kids still wanted to swim in the pool at the hotel after all that but we got back too late.  Saturday, again after a great breakfast we went back to the mall.  Another new thing for us was Rope Quest.  This was 3 stories of ropes and beams that you walk and climb through.  We were tethered in, in case we fell.  Blake was a little nervous, until Dave let him see how the rope would hold him if he fell.  We were told in the beginning instructions not to fall on purpose, so I wouldn't let him do it.  But Dave told him to.  Unfortunately is was almost time to go at that point.

It really was lots of fun.  I would love to do it again.

We had a picnic lunch again then did Galaxyland.  Everyone had so much fun.  They tested their fear levels, and concurred quite a bit.  Since I am such a lam-o and unable to ride any rides, I watched for a while then did a little Christmas shopping then met back up with them.
This is the little roller coaster.  Dave, Jared, Jared, and Rachel rode Mind Bender together.  Everyone but Leah did the Space Shot.  It shoots you like 135 feet in the air, then drops.  Even Blake did this one with Ashton.  He was a little white after, but said he would do it again next time we go.
Leah and Emry stuck pretty close and rode lots of rides with Grandma.  I think she was the favorite ride companion.  Everyone wanted to be with her.  Leah loved the Swing of the Century and Ocean Motion. They all loved the twisting roller coaster and rode it many times.

The kids could have gone a long time but we were getting hungry and they really wanted to swim at the hotel that night. We went to Boston Pizza for dinner.  Of course on a Saturday there was a little wait, then Myrna took us out for ice cream, then Amber and Jared had all their coats taken (they were in rented stroller thing and later found) so Dave suggested we walk around to all the exits and see if someone had just taken the stroller thinking it was not being used.  There are a lot of exits at the West Edmonton Mall.  Once again we made it back after the pool closed. Sunday we slept in until my mom texted me, we ate breakfast, packed and drove on home.  Blake really wanted to try to go swimming one last time, but of course it was Sunday so we were unable to. We ate the last of our sandwiches and treats so we didn't have to stop on the way home.  We also sang some church songs, discussed things we had learned last week in Sunday School, did a Gospel Q & A, then talked about a few memories of my Grandpa Smith (when my mom texted that morning she had let me know he had passed away early that morning) When we got home we unpacked and watched a movie together.  Then bedtime. It was a wonderful holiday.  We had a lot of fun and made a lot of great memories. It is always fun to get together with family and talk and learn more about their lives.  Can't wait until the next trip. 


  1. It was a great time! I'm glad mom had a great birthday/anniversary weekend. We'll have to do it again.

  2. Sounds like so much fun. I haven't been in forever. We need to take the kids some time.

  3. Sorry to hear about your grandpa Char. It was a great trip, lots and lots of fun, with lots and lots of memories made!!