Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chocolate Time

The first thing that starts our Christmas season off every year is chocolate making with the Puzey family.  I don't decorate or listen to Christmas songs until December.  I defiantly shop though and am usually done by December, but nothing feels like Christmas is really getting close until we all get together and make chocolates.  This past weekend we went to the farm and got to work.  I was the last to arrive, which was shocking really:) and Lalainia was unable to make it because of family things.  We really missed her.:( As usual it was a good time. We rolled and dipped and topped and ate.  By general consensus we made a bit less this year and decided that if we wanted more, Myrna has taught us well and we could do it on our own.  It was nice, we were done and cleaned up by 4ish then had a quick bite for dinner and headed home at a decent hour.  My three kids helped with the rolling.  Leah helped for a while then played with her cousins, Blake also helped then played with Lego.  He was really missing Ashton to play with.  Cora helped most of the day in between her gymnastics.  She even tried dipping this year.  On the way out she had asked if she was old enough to learn that part yet.  I am a terrible dipper and thought it a great idea for her to learn. I told her once we had gotten into it a bit and in a routine then I would see if Grandma minded if she gave it a go.  She really enjoyed it and would have like to do much more, but felt pressure to be done.  I thought she did really good for a first try. Leah had wanted to dip also but for various reason didn't, maybe next year. Or maybe I will have to make some at home for them to try.  Myrna had got a few foam Christmas ornaments that the kids had fun making in the afternoon. I seem to be really bad at remembering pictures lately and if I took them, you all would just be drooling anyways.  Another successful chocolate making done and now we are almost ready to celebrate this Christmas season.

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  1. I'm sorry I missed it - sounded like a great day!