Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Mummy chocolate sugar cookies

Witch's brooms.  Cora gave these out to seminary kids and her friends.

I thought it would be fun to make Mummy Dogs.  But like the cookies they didn't look like I what I saw in my head.

My parents brought Levi in to trick or treat with my kids.  They also brought their famous donuts. So good.  We had Mummy Dogs, bat wings, witches fingers and apple cider for dinner. Then the kids all got dressed up.

A Prisoner


A grandma and Sacajawea

Whatever the name is for a Halloween Scrooge that is me.  I enjoy sewing the costumes, dressing up, the fun foods, the cute little decor, fairies and witches and a little trick or treating.  What I really, really don't like is the kids that don't dress up, but run from house to house just collecting all the candy they can get, the costumes that are gruesome and bloody, and the mounds of candy that I now have to deal with.  After about 20 mins of being out I think my kids have gathered enough candy to last a bit and they had fun.  Yes I know, Scroogeish.  This was pointed out a few times by husband and children last night. But as they dumped it all out on arrival home, all I could think was, 'how in the world are they going to get through all that and where am I going to store it?'  Whey I suggested, again this year, that we could take it to a dentist that pays for it by the pound and ships it to soldiers over seas, I was once again met by dirty looks.  They had a blast and I guess that is the important part.


  1. I feel the same way. I despise Halloween but its kinda hard to avoid. Atleast my kids are still little so they are happy with going around the block and getting a small pile of candy. I love all your Halloween treats.

  2. Cute cute cute costumes guys!! And I wanna make the chocolate sugar cookies!! Those look amazing!!