Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Leah's Volleyball

Last night was Leah's mini volleyball tournament.  They just do a small 8 week program to teach the kids the basics.  She really enjoys playing sports.  Our camera was having some setting problems, sorry about the fuzz.
Getting ready to play.  Listening to beginning instructions.

They were practicing with regular volleyballs, then when the tournament began they brought out these giant beach ball type things.  We started laughing. And they have these weird bounce and catch rules, but you can see it really does teach them teamwork and to think about their moves.

Look how huge that thing is.

Leah had fun.  At one point I looked around and lots of parents where on their phones.  Lots of little kids running around even on the court.  It was crazy, so Cora and I started cheering everyone on.  I think we may have annoyed Dave a bit, but really did you come to watch your kids or not.  And even though it is a small town school game, keep your kids off the court.  We cheered lots.  At one point Dave said to me, 'How do you know all these kids names?" Way to Go Leah!!!

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  1. Did they play with that big ball the entire time? I'm sure she had lots of fun!