Friday, August 17, 2012

The Reason for the Answer

A few years ago Dave and I had talked about seeing if he could do a 2-3 year transfer to England with FritoLay.  We thought it would be a great experience for us and the kids.  To see a different culture and try new thing.  We had planned on moving back around Aug 2012. Cora asked me today where in the whole world I would like to visit and it started me reflecting on this.  I had desperately wanted to go, but kept getting a no answer to my prayers.  But as I thought about it I can now understand that answer.  As I look at what has happened in the last 3 years.  We would have been away the entire time David was sick and not around when he passed away.  I would never have met Anna.  He wouldn't have the job he does today.  We wouldn't have been able to help Jared with the sudden start up of cows expenses.  Moving back and forth takes a lot of time and money and I wouldn't be able to be starting to build a house.  And possible many more things I will never know.  So as much I as am still sad for that missed opportunity, and it is missed I will never have that chance again, I now understand the reason for the answer.  I will have to always remember this.  Even though sometimes we don't understand why, Heavenly Father really does see the big picture and I just have to continue to trust him.


  1. It is nice when we are able to get some insight into why our prayers are answered in certain ways. I'm still waiting for a few explanations but I do know there is one!

  2. Love your thoughts Char. Thanks for the spiritual uplift today:)