Sunday, August 12, 2012

One Year Older

Blake thought it would be great if his tooth fell out on his birthday.  This morning when he was brushing his teeth it did.  Right down the drain.  He thought that was the coolest thing ever.  He is 7 years old today.

He was very pleased with all his gifts. It is Sunday so we didn't do much.  Everyone sang to him out at HillSpring.  Mom made him spaghetti a couple days ago.  He requested a watermelon cake and an angel food cake.

I had early morning meeting this morning, I tried to make his angel cake quick before I left, but it fell out of the pan (even though I had propped it up) it was quite smashed and ugly.  But still tasted OK.  I told him I was sorry and all he said was that he was glad I had made him a cake it didn't matter what it looked like.  I thought that was sweet.  The watermelon cake turned out fun and was a great addition to dinner.  We are relaxing the rest of the day and he is hard at play with his new toys.  Happy 7th Birthday Blake!!!!!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Blake!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to my birthday month buddy! I hope he had a great one!

  3. Love the Christmas Paper. Didn't Relize his birthady is one day before mine, so Happy Birthday Blake to a fellow Augusten. What a good idea on the Watermellon cake those are the perks of having a summer birthday.