Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fort Macleod Tri

Dave and I had our triathlon in Fort Macleod  yesterday.  Dave had originally signed up for the half-iron man distance.  With his new job he has not had any time to train, so he got it changed to the sprint.  He swam 500m, biked 20km, and ran 5km. I thought he did really well.  He was 27th out of 118.
It only took him 1 hr and 10 mins.  Later I did the super sprint.  Mine was swim 200m, bike 10km, and run 2km.  I was mostly nervous about the swim.  Turns out that was my best event.  Over all I came in dead last.  Yep I was the very last one.  I did run quite a bit farther than I was supposed to because the volunteers were busy making out in the shade and not directing people and I did have 3 boys turn around in front of me.  I think I would have still have come in last but probably by not such a big margin.  It was 33 degrees when I did mine and I was very hot afterward and had a bit of a headache.  Dave thinks I should give it one more try next year.  I will see how it goes.

When we were done we headed to Calgary.  Myrna had picked up our kids earlier and taken them up.  Lalainia was having a BBQ at her house.  We got there early enough that we spent about 15 minutes at Sikome Beach with everyone before heading to Atwood's.  It was a really nice evening.  I haven't gotten together with the Puzey's for a couple month and it was great to see everyone again.  I loved hearing Jason talk about his work on the Calgary Temple.  I can't wait until it opens and we can take the kids to the Open House.

Cora has been wanting some magnet boards in her room FOREVER. She has tried many different solutions. Grandma Puzey was getting rid of hers and gave them to Cora a couple weeks ago.  Dave finally had 5 mins of spare time last week.  He decided that she should learn to hang them.

He guided her through it and helped, but she did do a lot of it

(About 4 years ago Kailey handed down this dress to Cora.  When she got it it went down to her knees. It is absolutely one of her favorite piece of clothing. She has gone from wearing it as a dress to wearing it as a long shirt with pants.  I think it is hilarious.  I guess we will see how long she can get into it.  I may have a fight on my hands whenever it does get unwearable.)

Speaking of spare time, if anyone has a spare $600 that they don't know what to do with I will take it off your hands.  I have decided that I would love to have a Vitamix Blender.  That thing can do amazing things.  Kita blended up kale and it was so smooth.  So if you have any extra, just saying.  Or....really a couple hundred thousand I could build my house;)

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  1. Glad you guys could come up yesterday. It was great to spend some time with your family. Love Cora's purple bookshelf in her bedroom. Good job on your race - I admire you - I know I couldn't do it!