Thursday, April 6, 2017

Happy 15th Leah

I had had visions of lot of helium balloons all over Leah's room when she woke up the morning of her birthday.  But the helium wasn't going to last that long and I didn't want to buy one of those tanks just for 10 seconds of cool balloons.  Although I did stand in the store and consider it for quite awhile.  I finally decided on just filling the room with regular balloons.  The night before, while she was still at study group, Dave helped me fill them all and we hid them in our closet.  At dinner, Dave mentioned he was taking the next load of steers to auction when Jared got back.  Just as we saw Jared drive by, I decided to go with him.  We had just finished eating.  Blake and Leah were going to do the dishes, but one pot was kinda gross.  I said I would wash it if Leah could run up to my closet to get my jacket.  (Yep, I bet you all caught on faster than I did)  She was taking a while, so I yelled up again, 'Leah, hurry it's just on the floor of my clos.....' then it dawned on me.  I totally ruined my own surprise.  She knew and kindly tired to convince me that it had actually been on by bed.  But  I knew. :(
We accidentally slept in the morning of her birthday.  Leah was the first up.  I still wanted balloon pictures in the morning, so I made them late for seminary.  Whoops.

Leah had wanted to open her presents after school.

I wrapped all her lunch again.  Interesting to wrap a banana.

I had invited the Toone's to come to dinner the day beforehand.  They didn't think they were able to make it.  Then just a few hours before, Natalie text and asked if just some could come.  Of course!!  But I wanted Emily to surprise Leah.  I picked her up from badminton, we opened presents and then had just a few minutes until they came.  I couldn't have her set the table, because then she would wonder at all the place settings.  I did tell her Grandma Puzey was coming.  She was so surprised.  I should have gotten a video. 

It was a good birthday.  I made her a cookie dough ice cream cake.  We had spaghetti and ceasars salad.

Emily being there made her day. 

Happy 15th to my beautiful girl.  You are such a light.  You are outgoing and fun, can work hard when you want to, and study hard in school.  You have no problem standing up for yourself and what you believe.  You look out for your friends and love to have them around you.  You are quirky and off the wall and we love it.  You are a very special sister to Cora and even Blake sometimes, we will keep working on that one. Love you to bits.


  1. Happy Birthday Leah! Happy she had a great day.

  2. wrapping the lunch is a fun idea. Happy Birthday Leah!

  3. Holy Dina! LEAHHHH you are gorgeous!!