Friday, April 28, 2017

Cardboard Fugitive +

When I first got called to Young Women's, the activity I heard the most about was Fugitive.  It had been a huge hit with the presidency before me and all the kids wanted to play it again.  How it works is we have a starting point where everyone gathers.  We then give them a list of 4 places that they have to go to and find ribbons. ( Ribbons put up just before the activity)  And then make it to a final destination.  They do all of this as the leaders are driving around in cars, hunting them.  We usually play it earlier in the year so it is still dark out during activity time.  Making it easy for them hid. This year we never got to it and then it was already light.  One of my councilors had seen another youth group in town play it while carrying mattresses on their heads.  Everyone in the group had to jump on the mattress to be safe.  So we decided to use cardboard.  
We drew names to see who was on which team.  It just happened to be the Beehives and Deacons against the Mia Maids and Teachers.  They called themselves the youngers and olders.  The thing every year is do we really catch them or not.  It is the whole point of the game, but once they are caught it is done and fun is over.  Again my councilor had a brilliant idea.  She suggested that each time they were caught we rip off some of the cardboard.  Which ever team had the biggest piece at the end of the game, won.

It was so much fun.  Even tho it was a little wet and cold, they had a blast.  Always the best activity.

Oops!!  Getting caught.  We were not sure who won, the youngers made it back first, but the olders had the biggest cardboard, barely.  We ended at Bishop's house for a snack and then done.  Loved it.  We think we might do it again in the summer and spray them with water guns if they get caught.

Dave wanted a project for Blake to work on.  They have spent many hours designing a chicken coop.  Dave wanted to use up our leftover wood.  Last Saturday was a nice day and they started working on it.
At first Dave was hoping to get chicks this year, but we didn't get on it soon enough.  So I guess next year it the plan.  Leah and I want nothing to do with it.  I said I would gladly cook the chickens and use the eggs, but I did not want to gather, wash, kill or pluck.  So Blake will get himself  job for life now. 

We also finally went through trek clothes.  Leah didn't have a whole outfit to wear yet.  Cora reminded Blake not to smile in the picture, because they never used to. 

And then she decided we needed to take the iconic farm picture.


  1. LOOOVEEEEE the last picture hahahahaha I’m dyingg

  2. You guys are so fun!!!

    And I miss the Champion Youth Group!

  3. What a fun game might have to adopt that some day. Unless it's patented. Good luck on the chicken coop. Hilarious pictures.