Monday, March 27, 2017

Phone Clean-up

Cora was selected to play in the All-Star game for her school.  The game was last week.  It was fun to watch from the bleachers again, rather than the bench.  Much more relaxing.  You could tell that they all just had a good time playing.
No pressure of the season, just girls playing a game they love together.

And everyone got a cool T-shirt.  Can't beat that.

When they showed up they were assigned a team.  Two players from each school are selected to go.  Then they are told if they are wearing white or color.

Girls warmed up a bit and got to know each other.  And finally they played basketball..  There were some fun half time activities.  At first Cora said she wasn't ready to play.  Her head was now in rugby not basketball, but she quickly got into it and had a blast.

I have been looking forward to conference for months.  Seriously months.  Last weekend was the Women's General Session.  Cora had just about finished getting her talk ready, Dave was working on his, and Blake went out to ride the dirt bike.  It was warm and dry and he rode for a long time as we watched the session.

He said it was so fun to get back out there.  Spring is coming!!

The Women's Sessions was so good.  I love watching it with my girls.  Sis Burton's talk on 'Certain Women' was AMAZING.  We all loved it.  I can't wait till it comes out in the Ensign and I can read it again.  I already listened to it online again.  Sunday, Cora and Dave both did a fabulous job speaking.  I always enjoy listening to them as well.  I told Cora I only had one complaint about her talk.  And that was that I wanted a little more detail on her stories.

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  1. That's great Cora had a good all star game. I look forward to when I can watch Womens Conference with Cadence. Glad you and your girls enjoyed it. Lalainia