Thursday, December 15, 2016

Whole lot of Nothing.

I have been meaning to update my blog for a while, but nothing really has happened.  Except life really.  I few weeks ago our church did a Food Bank Drive for the Worldwide Service Day.  We had talked about this months ago in ward council.  As people we throwing ideas out, I mentioned what my sister-in-law does in her ward every year.  It happened to be the idea everyone liked and we ran with it.  Thursday we met and divided into groups to drop all the bags at houses.  On the bag was a note stapled explaining what we were doing and when we would be back to pick it up.  Then Saturday we went back and got them.  It was wonderful to see how generous people were.  It was a very easy service, one I hope our ward will do again.

We also  had great feedback from the community. The whole thing was a huge success.  We had a lot of bags filled.

We had our YW and Excellence last Sunday.  We tried something a little different that was suggested to me by the stake leaders.  We did it during Sacrament Meeting.  Each girl was assigned to speak on the value that they had worked on for their 10 hour project.  The YW also sang 'Nearer My God to Me' A cappella.  Myrna spent a lot of time helping them learn the song and it turned out beautiful.   I had many ward members tell me how nice it was to see what the YW for working on.  I will probably do it that way again.

Also in our ward, we did a Nativity.  I was put in charge of decorating.  I wanted the nativities to be the decorations, so I didn't add much else.  I had a few poinsettias around and in one corner a little tree in my old wash basin, with an antique sleigh and lantern. (Below is it set up in my house)  And then a Christmas tree out front with simple silver and red decoration.  I had taken paint stick and cut them up, painted red, and wrote all the names of Christ on them.  I loved it and again got many compliments. I kept it all very simple and beautiful.  Leah and Blake had a few numbers to perform that night.  I missed it all as it was Cora's first game and we played away.  I didn't get pictures of decorations or them singing.

Leah has had many musical opportunities this month.  With singing and flute.  She had 5 at the nativity, sang in church and sang with her cousin as her uncle played the guitar at a local seniors night.  She is playing the flute for church on Christmas Day as well as singing in the choir.  Also she has some numbers singing and with the band at the school Christmas program coming up.  She is very talented and I love that she gets the chance to share her talents.

We are running for basketball almost every night.  Both girls have had a few games and Cora had a tournament.  She was only able to go to the Friday games, Saturday she was with the fire department.  She is loving that more and more.  Leah's team is doing ok.  They try hard and keep going.

Cora has been able to ref a few games as well.  She still hate it.  :)

I have no pictures of Cora's games.  I am helping to coach so unable to get any and do that at the same time.  Both girls have coaches that are very committed and want to be in it for years to come.  It is wonderful to see.  Maybe we can bring back basketball in this community.
We are constantly exhausted and are very much looking forward to Christmas break.  I can't wait to not do much and hardly drive anywhere.  We have 3 cars that each get filled up every 2-3 days and its crazy.  I want to sit and just be with my kids and Dave without figuring out each day who is doing what when, and who is driving what, and who need to pick up whom from where. I don't even know if that sentence made sense. But there you have it, a whole lot of just going and pressing forward. A picture into our lives.  Now I may go take a nap, or head to a game. :) 

(Cora did an awesome job editing our cards this year.)


  1. Love the Christmas card. I too can't wait for the holidays and a break from regular life.

  2. So fun to hear how you and yours is doing. Cute Idea for decorations. I was in charge this year again also. I have to admit I wasn't as motivated as I have been on the past. I really like your guys Christmas card You are right Cora did do a great job editing this year.

  3. Your decorations for the nativity were beautiful, just perfect!!! And I LOVE your Christmas card, Cora did an excellent job!!!