Friday, December 23, 2016

Twas the week (or so) before Christmas...

Leah has had a few more games.  Some with Cora reffing again.

Last week we had our ward Christmas party.  We did not dress up as we came straight from a game.  The youth were asked to do the nativity for the program.  Literally 10 minutes before we were to perform we found this big tote full of costumes.  We were finding anything and showing it to others.  My girls grab some wonderful items and put them on.  Leah found a sheep costume head that she took on with her and named Shawn.  I don't think we were the most reverent nativity ever.  But we sure had fun.

In Cora's few spare moments she and Dave have been working on the puzzle.  Dave and Blake one night got lots done, but then stopped so Cora could finish helping.  It was her's after all.

Last Monday Cora had an away game.  We did not get home until 11:45 pm  We were so tired.  Then up again at 5:30 so Leah could curl Cora's hair.  We read scriptures outside of the bathroom.  Cora had grad photos.  She was told to take 3 outfits.  But it only ended up being just cap and gown.  She has also had 2 math tests this week and has stayed up very late preparing for those.  Wednesday was the High School Christmas Dinner.  They all dress up and are served a turkey dinner. Blessedly her basketball practice was cancelled so I could go to Leah and Blake's Christmas concert. Blake did great in his play.  He was a stern judge.

Leah emceed.  She did a good job.  That night she also won second place for her black and white poster for Remembrance Day.  Wouldn't be a school event without a great picture of these awesome girls after.

Thursday was green and red day for Leah and Blake as well as their turkey dinner.

Good thing it had warmed up some.  Today we have been getting things cleaned up and ready.  We were finally all home long enough to decorate our tree.  Not sure why we waited for all.  See how helpful Leah was??

Dave even got done work early and surprised us when he showed up at noon.  To top it all off, it is snowing.  The big soft flakes I love and we are all home and hanging out.  I dug out some of our games today.  Looking forward to hardly doing anything.  The kids had a long sleep in this morning.  It was wonderful. 

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