Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016

I'm sorry for all those that were travelling the the last few days.  For us it was a beautiful, perfect white Christmas.  We finally got our tree decorated on the 23rd.  We cleaned up and got everything ready.
Christmas Eve:  We had a fantastic day of games, hot chocolate, and reading.
In the evening we did our traditional appetizers, acting out the nativity, Chrsitmas pajamas, and then watching 'A Christmas Story'.

Cora did not want to be lifted, but we insisted because it is tradition.

Christmas Day: I really thought the kids would sleep in and not have time to open presents till after church.  And I do think Cora and Leah would have, but Blake was up and ready to go.  We had a wonderful Christmas.  The kids loved everything they got.  Blake loved them so much that he kept putting off getting in the shower.  We were 5 mins late for church.  That was embarrassing. After church we had left over appetizers and worked on puzzles andplayed more games.  That evening for dinner we had salmon and hassleback potatoes.
Cora showing off her socks and her new guitar.

Cora making a snow angel.

Leah was please with her fuzzy blanket.  She said she was a 'fuzzy Caucasian burrito'.

Blake got the Nerf gun he wanted so bad.  That thing really shoots.

Boxing Day:  We went into the church in the morning to play some basketball.  Blake brought his gun and shot at the girls as they practiced lay-ups.  It was awesome.  Kept them motivated to not stop.  When we got home Dave asked Jared if he would mind us going hooding.

They had planned to go anyways, so after lunch they went over and had a blast.

The snow was so thick.

I even took a ride.

After we warmed up with hot chocolate and a movie.  The rest of the evening was spent playing the guitar,

Cora arting,

more games, and relaxing.  Dave and the kids got all their ski stuff packed for today.  I got our lunch already, then it started to blow.  This morning we looked at the forecast and saw that yesterday they had closed a few runs because of wind and today was supposed to be worse.  So no skiing after all, We will try a different day.  We will clean back up, play some more basketball and games.  So far it has been the relaxing, wonderful, perfect break we have all needed.