Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What's In a Name?

I love old stories.  Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Pride and Prejudiced are some of my favorites.  I love the dresses and the customs.  It makes me laugh how they can be rude as they seem to be being so polite.  It is the only romance story I can read.  I enjoy the countryside and their balls, the parties, and 'The Season'.  And I love how they name their houses.  I have always wanted to name my house.  When we started building this house, I started thinking about names.  A year ago when we moved in, I even started getting a few suggestions from my parents and siblings.  When I was talking to my kids about it I always used the example of Rose Cottage.  While we were walking around the Pusey Estate in England, there was a sign outside of one house that said Rose Cottage.  Cora started laughing and said, 'Wow, it really is a thing!'  She then caught the vision and has helped me think.  We went through the whole using something to do with our last name, using Poverty Flats somehow, looking at significant things around us.  I went on a few sites that help with house name suggestions.  I looked at translating words into German.  I even used a thesaurus for the word house.  But everything that came up there sounded like a retirement center or a half-way house.  I knew that when I found the right one it would just hit me.  And we finally did.  Sunday we officially christened our house................ 

Windy Peaks! 

 Dave is not a big fan of house naming and pointed out that we don't live in the mountains, but there are a lot of peaks on our house and so it works.  The kids and I love it.  So come visit us sometime.  Take a drive out to Windy Peaks.


  1. That's a great name for your house. So fun!!

  2. I want to come, I want to come. "Windy Peeks"sounds wonderful. My drive might a long time from now who knows. But I still want to come.