Monday, October 5, 2015

General Conference

General Conference was again wonderful this weekend.  We got to watch most of it at home in our comfy clothes, which is always a bonus.  Dave has been working like mad to get things finished.  We had dry wall people show up at seven this morning.  Our plumber worked until 8 Friday night and Dave got up at 2 Friday morning, 4 Saturday morning and 3 this morning to work on the house to be ready for them.  Saturday he worked until the first session, ate quick, back to the house, then back for second, back to house, then to priesthood, then back to the house till about 10.  He totally guessed two of the new apostles that where called.  But he had forgotten to take his phone in between session and had to guess at the time.  He was a bit late and missed the new calls.  We had to tell him that he was right.

Leah worked on her Personal Progress during Conference and Cora drew.  As always.  :)  I loved the uplifting inspiring messages we received.  I have really enjoyed my six month study of the last session and plan to do it again.  Excellent to go over and study and make notes again.

Blake after the second session on Saturday.  I am really not sure what this was all about.  He came up and said he was totally ready for the 80's.  Then he asked if permanent marker can wash off.  He did get most of it off surprisingly.  Sunday we went into the church for the morning session.  Our bishop likes us to come together for this session.  Not many of us there but it was nice.  Honestly I have no idea what President Monson talked about.  I so desperately wanted to reach through the screen and hold him up.  To let him know I loved him and wanted to help and support him.  That is all I was concentrating on.  He is such a giant of a man.  There is no doubt he is a man of God and that he is being upheld, inspired, and enduring to the end.  He has a purpose and a message from Jesus Christ for us.  It is a good thing I can go back and read it next month.  I also enjoyed hearing from the three newly called apostles.  As soon as the kids got home they changed to pj's.  That's how Sunday is done at our house.  We ate dinner and got  ready for last session.  For dessert I had made Mel's Pumpkin White Chocolate Cheesecake.  Man, she rocked it again.  Ho-la!!  It was A-Maaa-zing.  It is a pumpkin version of her truly heavenly White Chocolate Mousse Vanilla Bean Cheesecake that I make a little to often. Yummers.  Anyways.

Here is a drawing Cora did.  This is after the first sessions.
And after the fourth session.  Her talent really does amaze me.  If I could pick one talent it would be to draw.  She is just doodling and it is all still nice and round and reminds me of lace.  

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  1. I felt the exact same when I saw President Monson. I love him so deeply. Also, I LOVE that doodle Cora did. I am curious if she could make me one to frame in my living room? Her design matches my decor! I'll pay her, of course. Let me know :)