Monday, June 8, 2015

What a Weekend.

I have been both dreading and looking forward to this last weekend.  We had made quite a few commitments.  All made months ago and all opportunities that only come once a year or even less.  We knew it was going to be crazy, but we wanted to do them all.  So we bit the bullet and made it thro.
Months ago Cora heard on the radio that Imagine Dragons where coming to town. She did some research and got dates and info.  She then approached us and asked me if there was any way they could go.  (She said she really didn't thing we would say yes )  Dave wanted to find out more about them before he agreed.  In his research he found out that 3 of them are active members.  He liked their songs, and said they could go.  

So after months of anticipation and the girls saving up for T-shirts, Dave took them up.

Dave thought he was going to feel out of place, but he said it was great.  They all had a good time.  Girls got their shirts and had a blast.  As Dave, Cora, and Leah where out having a good time, I told Blake to pick what he wanted to do and where to eat.  He decided he wanted to go bowling.

I had just signed the kids up for the 'Kids Bowl Free' program, so that worked perfect for me.  We bowled our two free games and went to eat. 

He choose Five Guys.

After eating we grabbed a few groceries, a blizzard, and went home to watch a movie.  Blake wanted a late night since the girls where having one.  We went to bed at 11:30.  The girls got home at 1:20 in the morning.  I woke them up at 6 the next morning so we could make it to Ladiesfest. They where a little tired.

Ladiesfest is an 8 K run.  The last 1.5 K is all up hill. We signed up in March.  It is a race for breast cancer.  They take 800 runner and it fills up with in an hour and a half.  This year we registered as Team Velora, for my Grandma Smith.  It was fun to run with my girls.

When we moved almost a year ago I told my friend that when her daughter got married I would be there to help.  So after the run we went to pick up the cinnamon buns for the wedding.  We headed to my parents house to shower and keep them in a cool place.  My parents was closer to the reception than our house.  We then spent a very pleasant 6 hours doing nothing but hanging out.  The girls went for ice cream with their cousin, I sat and chatted with my parents.

While we where away, Blake and Dave worked around the farm.  Blake mowed the lawn.  Dave did some paint touch-up on our car.  They both cleaned up a lot of wood around the house area.

It's looking so good.

We had a guy come measure for the shingles and he was just walking around on the top like it was no big deal.  In the wind.  It was making me nervous. The boys meet us at the the reception.  It was a pretty easy reception.  Not much to do in the kitchen.  The bride was beautiful and it was a wonderful wedding.  Next morning was church.  Good testimony meeting.  Dave had a meeting before about the church farms and after with the missionaries.  Those are his new stake assignments.  Leah and I had BYC after.  We ate dinner and watched two episodes of Bones.  We quickly measured some things at the house so I can look for some stuff this week.  Then we headed to the stake center for YW recognition night.

Our stake YW presidency decided to recognize the girls for working on their Personal Progress.  They have a light snack.  This year was cool.  Make your own cookie pizza.  But each fruit was the same color as the YW values.  Cookie and icing white for Faith, blueberries blue for Divine Nature etc.  Neat.  There is a short program, then each girl receives a flower the same color as the value they have completed.  Cora had also completed her Personal Progress this year.  In addition to her flowers they gave her a beautiful glass square with an etching of the temple in the middle.  It is really quite remarkable.  After chatting with friends we arrived home very late.
 It was an early morning again.  :)  As Dave was emailing me pictures we found this gem on it.  Apparently there was a nice picture taken back stage last night.  Weird kids.  I love them to death.

It was quite the weekend, but we would do it all again.
PS Sorry this was so long, but there was a lot that happened.


  1. I'm totally jealous, I love Imagine Dragons!! Your house is looking beautiful. Lovely pictures of Cora and Leah.

  2. We love Imagine Dragons at our house too. I had no idea they were coming. Sounds like a fun weekend:)

  3. That is so cool to hear about Imagine Dragons. I really like them thank to Dave for doing the research. You are right your house is looking so good. Go Blake for wanting to go bowling. we use to have a bowling ally, but it got turned into a car detail shop Ugh. I love to bowl. I have heard good things about Five guys but have never been. Looks way good. Love the YW Recognition. Thanks for sharing.