Friday, June 19, 2015

Good Friends!!

 I'm so happy that my kids have good friends.  It was never important to me for them to have tons and tons of friends.  What I wanted was at least one great friend that I felt comfortable and could easily talk to the parents with.  You know so, basketball games or pick-up and drop-offs or school events where not awkward.  That is what they all have now.
There is a small community pool right across the gravel road from the school.  Leah and Blake would just walk over after school with their friends and swim.  One week they went every day.  When Cora got home I would go up and chat with what ever parents where there.  It was fun.  Last weekend was the Grade 9 Grad.  Leah and her friends all wanted to go.

They came to our house right after school and hung out, toured the farm and then ate dinner and got ready.  Of course Leah wanted spaghetti, Caesar salad, French Bread, Fruit and we made Nathan's Chocolate Cheesecake.  I felt a little like Kita.  I had one mom text and ask if I could help her daughter get ready and then a few more girls that asked when they where there. I have no idea how to do hair.  Good thing they just wanted some straightening and some curling.

There was one more but she left early to help serve at the Grad Banquet.

After I dropped them all off we waited for Meghan to arrive.  Cora was so excited she was coming down.  Meghan is a big reason I let Cora has get a phone.  I'm so glad they have kept in touch.  And I love her parents.  Meghan's mom and I sat through many basketball games together.  I missed her this last year.

The next morning we went to the parade, then they just played games and hung out for the rest of the day as I helped Dave put in windows.

The girls went and checked cows for Dave and while out they picked up a lot of twine.  I asked Blake to get a few pictures of them together.  He took 26 pictures just of them getting off the quad.  It is a hilarious play by play.  He must have just been snapping away.

That is just a few to give you and idea.  We loved this last one of Cora.  She looks so proper.

I waited as long as I could Saturday night to take her back.  She lives four hours away and they didn't want the fun to end.  After Cora said, "I think I have good friends here, and I do, I have fun with them. But then Meghan comes."  She can totally be herself with her.  Both girls friends got right in and did dishes, they asked to help get dinner ready, they don't mind Blake hanging out.  I don't feel like I need to be around when they are there.  I feel very comfortable with them.  None of them are whinny or are afraid to speak up and just ask for something.  I am so glad that they have just good friends in their lives.

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  1. Such pretty grown up girls all ready for the grad banquet!