Friday, June 5, 2015


This has been a fun couple of weeks.  Leah track and field.  She did well and made it to zones in all her events.
Zones was a five hour round trip drive.  I was very excited to drive five hours round trip so she could run two 15 second runs and long jump.  (Sarcasm)  Actually it wasn't bad.  Her friends parents where there also.  We took Blake out of school and had a nice day. A very long day, but nice.

Blake also had his track and field.  I got to go help with this.  It was nice to meet a lot of parents and put faces to names for the kids in his grade.  He also did good.  He places first, second, or third in all 7 of his events.

Even tho the JR Highs track meet was in a different town on a different day, they make up teams to race the teacher on elementary track day.  Leah and her friends decided to all wear their bright sock as team colors.

The Jr High was also in charge of the events for the elementary.  Not many people came to Leah's event.  It was ball throw and only for the little kids.  But she had great company.

Blake places second in high jump and beat his personal record.

Oh and Leah at zones again.  Apparently my pictures are out of order.

When we found out that baseball was offered here, Blake was very excited.  He has been wanting to play for a while but it wasn't available before.  He always did soccer instead.  Blake is really enjoying it, even tho in this picture it doesn't look like it.  

The kids also had their Spring Concert last week.  There where some cute plays to watch.  Blake did well in his.  He was quite nervous that morning, but didn't miss a line.  I am really impressed how fast Leah has picked up the flute.  I hope that she continues with it.  And to think at the beginning of the year I was not happy it was mandatory.  She didn't want to play and I didn't care.  She practices her flute, piano, and ukulele regularly.  She is definitely our musical child.

There is always so many fun wrap up things at the end of the school year.  For Blake and Leah this move has been the best thing for them.  They have had a fantastic year. This is a great little community.


  1. That's awesome the kids are settling in so well. Love the picture of Leah with her flute. I was just thinking the other day I need to get mine out again. I probably have no idea how to play it anymore.

  2. Go Leah!! Hey we also play all of the same instruments!!! :D You are amazing, keep up the good work.
    Good job Blake!!!!