Monday, October 21, 2013

Stake Dance and a few thoughts

Cora had her first stake dance last weekend.  She is not into the whole boys and dance thing yet, so I really didn't think she would be interested.  But another YW told her she had to go because it was her first and told her she would pick her up.  It was a Halloween dance and they had to dress up.  She ended up having a really great time. She said the kids actually danced.  The ones I attended when Dave was in YM they didn't so much.  Champion was hosting so she knew lots of people from there and she went with some fun people. It was a great first experience.  She had wanted to dress up as a stick figure for Halloween (still will on the actual day) but this was all very last minute.  Cora did not even have a dance card but was told she could be interviewed there.  We got out our costume boxes and started looking for things to wear.  She put on many different outfits then found the lady bug costume I had made for her when she was one.  That is what she decided to go as. I found it pretty funny.

One Year Old

Fourteen Years Old.

We had another stake youth fireside last night.  Dave had to leave to go to a course in Calgary and so was unable to come with us.  I really, really did not want to get dressed back up and go.  But as always it was wonderful.  The speaker was a seminary teacher from Raymond (I decided that would be a nice job.  You get paid to teach seminary if you work for CES and if you teach early morning think of all the free time you would have the rest of the day.  Sweet deal.) Anyways he talked on how we can do missionary work through social media.  It is as easy as re posting something on Pinterest, or sharing something on Facebook.  Then all your 'friends' will see it also.  He also talked about blogging and twitter.  In closing he gave a few warnings about the dangers and how to avoid them but said that the Lord had prepared this age for this type of work.  He shared with us what the apostles had said about it and showed how to see if it was an official church site we were following. He pointed out that missionaries are not in every country yet, but Facebook is:)  Then an elder bore his testimony and told his conversion story.  Basically he followed a friend on Facebook and she would just put up a little sentence about what she learned in church that Sunday or re-post a quote from a church leader.  He saw them and started asking questions and is now serving a mission today.  Cool huh!

As we have been going through Cora's True to the Faith book we got to modesty the other day.  There were some interesting thing that I had not thought about before.  Besides the ones we all know and discuss like not to tight, or low cut, or revealing there was greater detail.  If it is so tight the you can see every curve then it is revealing even though no skin is showing. So just wearing leggings as is the style right now is not modest. Or a shirt that is very tight. There is a difference between fitted and too tight. Plus too low in front, if you have to hold your shirt in place when you bend over so people can not see down, or low in back and not to show the shoulders.  The part I had not thought about said 'inappopiratly casual for the situation'.  So wearing pj's to school, yoga pants shopping, jogging pants to the church on youth nights, does that mean they are all immodest?  Seems like it.  Blake asked how boys could be immodest, since they always seem to stress it more with girls.  I guess wearing muscle shirt to the store or no shirt when out??  It talked about attitude, behavior and language are also all points of modesty.  You can be beautifully dressed and fully covered, but if you are not acting in accordance with God then you are immodest. I knew all that in my head because that is how I feel comfortable, but to actually read if from church authorities was interesting and made for a great discussion with my kids.


  1. Love Cora's picture when she was one! So sweet!! Too cute that she reused her costume for her first dance. I'm glad she had a fun time!

  2. Oh I'm sad I missed Cora's first dance...I love going to the dances and dancing with the girls. Though I usually only go to the one's that we're in charge of. Might be a little creepy if I showed up to all of them:) I'm glad she had a great experience.