Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 Cora had a great birthday.  It ended up being a week long celebration.  Starting last week with her friends coming and doing the mall dares.  Thursday we opened presents.  Because of her volleyball schedule it was either that or do it when only some of us were there.  Dave changed his schedule and came to her game that night. Saturday was her actual birthday. Cora had a tournament in Pincher Creek that day.  The first game was at 10 and the second game ended up being at 5.  Grandpa and Grandma Smith came to watch the first game and had brought cupcakes for Cora and her team.  They sang happy birthday to her.  We had such a long wait that we decided to go to Hill Spring and wait in between.  So we invited ourselves to my parents house and had a really fun afternoon.  Cora, Kailey, Star, and Leah played volleyball and basketball in the garage and we had lunch.  It was a very fun impromptu day. (Blake and Dave were at the farm)

Sunday when we were all together again, we had pot roast and green beans for dinner and Cora's favorite dessert.  Angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries.  She had a wonderful week and is now a little panicked about taking her learners test.  I really should make an appointment sometime.

Happy 14th Cora!!!

You know that saying about filling another mans shoes?  How about filling your dad's pants.:)


  1. Love the "pants" pictures! So funny!

  2. The pants pictures are hilarious! What a special girl Cora is, I still can't believe she is 14! An amazing 14 year old thats for sure! Have a great week!

  3. Hilarious!!! Love the pj pics