Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shoe Swapping

For the moment, and I am sure that is as long as it will last, both my girls and I are all wear the same size shoe.  They love swapping shoes with each other and myself.  I won't let them wear my high high heels, they are not old enough for that, but most flats and tennis shoes.  This morning Cora's ride for seminary was a bit earlier than usual.  She had just come up stairs and so quickly just grab my shoes that slip on easily and ran out the door.  45 minutes later I go to pick her up.  I went to grab my shoes and find I have been left with 2 left shoes. I found this extremely funny.  I was not sure that Cora, who was early morning rushed for the first time (she is always on time), stilled miffed about volleyball practice the day before and will be bummed for a long time about not going to Germany next year, would find the humor in the situation.  But in true Cora form when I got to the church she was walking out in her sock holding up her two right shoes, laughing.


  1. That's too funny! Why is she upset about volleyball practice?

  2. That is pretty funny!! I can just see her walking out of the church in her socks carrying her shoes and laughing!!