Friday, March 8, 2013


Reading Dave's journal has turned out to be an amazing experience.  He has often told us stories about his mission but we now get to see the struggles as well.  Which I think is important for us to see how he overcame them.  Somethings I ask him will prompt long discussion at meal times with the family.  Also Blake and Leah have had a renewed interest in their journal writing now that they see why it is important.

Leah had another eye appointment yesterday.  We were VERY pleased with the results.  It seem her bifocals are working.  There was barely a noticeable change.  He isn't 100% that it is the glasses, could be a hormone change as she is at that age or they are just slowing down.  But whatever I was really glad to hear that things had slowed.  I was a little scared.

Student Led was this week.  Leah is doing extremely well.  The only thing her teacher had to say was that she needs to speed up her work and not get so distracted by other.  When she does get it done it is always fabulous.  I wanted to tell him that if he found out how to change that please let me know,  I have been trying for 11 years.  Blake is also doing amazing.  Seems there has been some trouble with the boys in his class.  His teacher said that he is not apart of it.  I am so glad he has found a good friend.  Friends really influence us and I am pleased with his choice.  His reading is still up and they have had him start to do Grade 3 Math and Writing.

Cora came home the other day extremely pleased.  She had to the highest mark in her class on a test.  That makes 3 in a row.  All between 87 and 91%.  When I think of all the struggles we had with her.  And everything we did to try to help. Sylvan, Success Maker, Reading help at school, etc. Nothing seemed to work.  Then this year she has just seemed to figure out on her own how to overcome that block.  She works really hard and stresses about it a lot but she is doing it.  We have gone from wondering if she was going to fail every year to highest marks in the class.  AWESOME!!!.  She said her goal is to get Honors with Distinction this next report card.  She has worked so hard I hope she gets it.


  1. That's awesome everyone is doing so well at school. That is always a worry for me - our report cards come home next week!

  2. Its awesome that Cora has gotten the highest for 3 tests~~!!!!! Go Cora!! I hope Leah's eye's get better really soon!!