Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May Long

Usually the May Long Weekend around here is rainy and cold, but we were surprised with beautiful weather this time. Dave took Friday off, so we all had an extra long weekend.  Cora had one class Friday morning.  A few days ago, I came home to see my grocery list very full (we have one on the board that when we run out of something or the kids need something they write it down so we don't forget.  This is where Cora still writes dog every week) Anyways, it was totally filled in.  Come to find out Dave had been through our pantry and was stocking us back up.  He shops like his dad.  Finds good deals and gets lots of food storage.  So Friday he got up and ran to town to get our new water tank.  The water from our well will kill the grass so we have to pump some in.  He is going to make a drip system from it.  We also have trees coming soon and will need water for those.  He got back unloaded the tank and then he and I went back for groceries.  Home and dropped those off then Dave and Blake went for one more, hour each way, trip to town to pick up our mower.  It was a lot of driving for Dave, but we got some things that were very much needed.  In the late afternoon, Cora went to work and the other kids and I headed to Toone's.

White thing in the back is the water tank.

Saturday we got chores done.  Cora worked at the golf course, Blake, Leah and I cleaned house, laundry etc.  Dave was doing farm stuff, getting ready to seed.  It was a little slow at the gold course so Cora got off early.  It was a good thing since she still had her talk to finish.  Sunday early Dave and Cora took off for the Pass to speak.  When they got home it was still so nice.  No wind and sunny.  Both girls are trying to get rid of their tan lines before Grad.  Leah stuck her swimsuit cover on and they sat out in that beautiful sun.

I am sure going to miss this crazy fun girl around every day.

We watched a movie and then sat back on our deck with snacks.  We are still loving our deck, we are on it every day.  We had been taking walks in the evening as often as we could to get ready for Trek.  But I think that is over now.  The mosquitoes have arrived.  Too bad I enjoyed that time.  Hate mosquitoes.  Monday the kids all went to Toone's.  Cora was getting her Grad dress fixed, they practiced a song they are singing together soon and then hung our for a while.  It was kinda weird to just be Dave and I.  I am not sure that has ever happened at home before.  Dave sprayed our yard and did farm stuff, I went for a run, laundry, sewed more trek clothes (almost done) and sat on the deck enjoying the sun.  That evening when the kids got home they grabbed a quick bite and then off to grandma's to watch a movie.  I went with Dave to mix grain so they can seed.

Standing in the shaded we needed lots of mosquito repellent.  Uggh!!   Today the kids are still off school.  Cora has to work at noon, they are mowing this morning, Blake has a soccer game tonight, Cora has rugby practice and then YW's.  It was so nice to have a peaceful break from getting up early and making lunches.  I'm so glad we had nice weather.  It was a perfect long weekend.


  1. The second to last picture is my most favorite picture I’ve ever seen of Cora hahaha

  2. Great weekend! You guys always seem to be able to pack 'em full of fun stuff.