Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekend in Idaho

This past weekend Blake and I spent in Idaho.  Brynn was getting baptized.  My parents had invited us to go with them, along with Nicole and Levi.  I had felt really nervous about the trip.  I kept thinking it was because Blake was going to get car sick on the way or something else.  It was never a don't go feeling just anxious I guess.  But I really wanted to see my sister and be there for Brynn's baptism.  Since her and Blake are only 4 days apart I thought it would be fun to have him there.  And we were going to help Kita with all the food prep and clean-up.  We left out house at 4:45am.  The kids travelled really well and it ended up being a wonderful trip down.  When we arrived, Kita had made the most delicious meal.  Mom had said that she always had something wonderful prepared for when we got there and it was not built up at all.  Kita totally lived up to her reputation.  The next morning we got up to play basketball.  I was very excited.  Nobody will play with me here.  About 30 mins into the game I went side ways and heard a crack.  I slid on my butt to the side and told them to keep playing.  About 10 mins later I could feel myself start to go into shock.  I did not want a fuss or to stop the game so I concentrated really hard on calming down, breathing deeply, and trying to look normal.  When they were done, Kita and Nicole came to get me.  I could not walk and they carried me out.  We were worried that mom was going to either be tick or super worried so Kita did a little maintenance call before we arrived.  I put it in a bucket of ice, which was hard and tried to stay off it a bit.  We did have some shopping to do and I was supposed to be helping.  I hopped around and tried to do what I could while sitting down.

This is how I shopped.  I felt pretty stupid.  That night Steve and Kita took us out to a pizza place.  They ordered so much.  Appetizers and pizza.  It was really good.  We had enough left overs for dinner the following night.  Saturday morning was the baptism.  Brynn got dressed in her beautiful white dress, Kita did her hair all up and headed off.  It was the most wonderful baptism I have been to.  Every ones is special, but there was something extra special about this little girl that did not even need to be baptized and having her brother do it.  Brock was nervous and got a little emotional and it was great.  He calmed her down in the water and when it was time for the dunk, he got right down on his knees to help her in.  When Brynn came up she was a little surprised at what had happened and just clung to Brock.  It was a very neat experience.  Back to the Jones' for a come and go lunch.  We met friends of the family and made sure the food was replenished.  Cleaned up, went out to a few more stores, and found a quite little river that they kids played in.  Took the boys to Cold Stone then home to pack the car and get ready to go.
We left early again the next morning and made good time.  Again Blake did not get sick.  They got a little crazy at the end, tired of being in the car, but did pretty good.  It is a long drive.
This is what the rest of my family was up to this weekend.  The basement is coming along.

It rained one day and they got pretty muddy.  Dave tried to make the walk way so to limit the mud coming in.  I guess they spent the weekend out in Champion.

This last picture is the garage.  The spaces are the entrance door and garage doors.

I went to the DR. yesterday.  He did an x-ray and said it was not broken, but very badly damaged so I needed to stay off it for two weeks, with a compression boot and crutches.  About 5 hours later he called back and said that after blowing it up they actually did find a little break.  Guess that was the crack.  I am to wear the boot for 2 weeks then he will x-ray it again.  Nicole had both the boot and the crutches and has loaned them to me. (Plus took the pictures and emailed them to me:) Thank you!!  Now I know why I was nervous to go.  But would not change a thing.  It was worth it to get to play ball. Although I hate being back on crutches.  I have had enough of that.
I love when Blake decides to hang out with Brynn.  It doesn't usually last long and they are usually watching a movie, but I always think it is cute.


  1. Sounds like a great trip - EXCEPT BREAKING YOUR FOOT! Get better soon!

  2. Well, I am so glad you think it was worth it! I had the best time and couldn't have survived the weekend without you guys, you were a really great help despite the broken foot. Tuff Girl!

  3. Oh dear Charmaine. Back on crutches. Feel bad for you. Hope you take it easy and heal fast. Love the way your new home is looking.......Won't be long. Very exciting and I know how excited my brother is watching it all come along.
    Love, Aunt Sheila