Monday, September 16, 2013

Flip-Flops on Sunday

A couple of years ago, a member of our stake presidency, Pres Poytress, gave a talk in the adult stake conference.  I don't remember much just that he expressed the opinion that flip-flops were not appropriate for church.  At the time that is all I could get on.  My leg was broken and to bend it into a shoe was painful.  I went months with flip-flops.  Right through the winter.  Since then I have been very careful not to wear them to church unless we are travelling.  So last Sunday, once again on crutches, I had to wear a flip-flop to church.  I did not trust myself with crutches and high heels.  On the way to church I commented that Pres Poytress, who is now the stake president, would be there because of my choice of shoes.  The kids all thought I was crazy because he had just been there 2 weeks ago.  I bet them all 5 cents that he would be.  When we arrived Dave took my stuff down to the library to get copies and I hobbled along behind.  Cora came down laughing.  Sure enough Pres Poytress was in our building.  He did not stay long and he did not see me, but he was there.  So I wore flip-flops to church and gambles with my kids on the way.  I am a fabulous example to my children.  But I made 15 cents:)

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  1. Ha. that is really funny. I'm sure he would have understood you had a good reason.